Time Management Co.

The B. Street Farmers Market is about selling wholesome food made from ingredients that are natural, pure, fresh, organic, and/or local.

The food we sell is only the beginning of our mission. The food provides sustanance so that people can focus on improving themselves through the projects they are working on.

Proper management of time is something I have found that can be critical to the success of a project. Some may find that they can benefit by working with a time manager who can help them make a schedule and stay on it.

The Time Management Co. is run by Taha Qazi. I hired Taha to be my time manager and I have found his assistance to be worthwhile.

To find out how my experiment of working with a time manager turned out, you can join the “Time Management Co.: Joe” group on Telegram and scroll through the chat and follow along as Taha texted me throughout the day and how I responded. (If you don’t have the Telegram app on your phone, it is easy to download for your Apple or Android smart phone.)

Here is the invite to the group.

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I encourage others to hire Taha to manage their time if that is something they think might be helpful to them. I found that working together with someone as a team to keep me on schedule was more efficient than setting alarms for myself. Perhaps you will have a similar experience.

Introductory Offer
Hire Taha as your time manager for one day free — a $12 value.

For more details, please contact me by phone, text, email, or through Telegram.

Joe Orlow

Tel./text: 240-850-5386
Email: time@farmersmarket.pizza
Telegram: @bstreetfarmersmarket

Taha Qazi is a time manager at the Time Management Co.

Taha is from Muzaffarabad in Kashmir. He attended the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir where he earned a degree in zoology. He has taught high school biology. Taha now resides in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan.