This section of the website pays tribute to local producers of organic, fresh, pure, natural products. These producers do not have their own tent. Instead, the Local Goodness tent will have a table displaying these products.

Chicken of the Woods Permaculture Farm

Chicken of the Woods makes amazing teas, produced right here in MoCo. You can choose from Synergy Chai (pictured below), Serenity, or Interlude teas. Try all three with the sampler pack. Chicken of the Woods also sells Ease, a balm made with hemp.

When Farmers Market .pizza opens, these will be some of the premier products available there. But you don’t have to wait till then! Click on the picture to order online.


A Note on the Kashrus of Tea
According to the Star-K website, herbal teas without additives are Kosher. “Generally made from dried herbs, leaves, and roots, they are intrinsically kosher and do not need to be certified.”

In line with the Farmers Markrt .pizza self-supe policy, we also hope to visit Chicken of the Woods and document here the production process of the tea.