No teleconferences scheduled.

To attend a market telecon:
(1) Check the schedule above for times.
(2) Dial 774-220-4000
(3) Enter the conference ID 363-687# at the prompt. The mnemonic for the conference ID is FMdotP# (Farmers Market dot Pizza #)

On some smartphones, this sequence


may appear as a link. In that case you can just click on it to enter the teleconference. The phone app or a dialogue box enabling you to access the phone app will come up.

The # at the end of the sequence is not strictly required. Some phones will not include the # in the above string when you click on the string link. You can add the # before dialing. You can also add the # after the ID is entered automatically. If left off, the conference will begin after a few second pause.

Some other options are to copy and paste the string into the phone app, enter it manually, speak it in, and/or add it to yor contacts.

Join the Whatsapp group for telecon updates. The invite link is:

Thank you to Free Conference USA for supplying the market teleconference capability.

For market use
This is call in info for the outgoing message: Record telecon outgoing message