■ Tea

Tea and other products from local farms and gardens.

Chicken of the Woods Permaculture Farm

Chicken of the Woods makes amazing teas, produced right here in MoCo. You can choose from Synergy Chai (pictured below), Serenity, or Interlude teas. Try all three with the sampler pack. Chicken of the Woods also sells Ease, a balm made with hemp.

When the market opens, these will be some of the premier products available there. But you don’t have to wait till then! Click on the picture to order online.


Chicken of the Woods self-supe

Note: In putting together this page, I decided to name it “Tea” since Chickenwoods tea embodies the kind of products I want to sell. Then I researched online and found that tea rooms are a big deal in the DC area with establishments like Tea Mansion and Teaism. Perhaps at some point we’ll have a dedicated tea shop tent.