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We encourage outlier students to break the bonds of a suffocating education and to quit playing in a masquerade where they pretend to be a student. The pathway to freedom can be found through food rather than through street drugs, recreational drugs, psychotropic drugs prescribed by a mental health professional (menthol), and/or excess alcohol. Those who escape through drugs and alcohol have found their own way out and have no need for what we offer.

Besides freedom food we also provide clothing, employment, housing, a chance to marry, and a community of friends, and most of all a real education. We explore this project in depth at

The following is based on the opr Moylc Ysrym by the Rmg”l.

Imagine a father put his son in a school and warned the staff that the child had an allergy to milk. Any exposure to milk could kill the boy. And the school takes in the child and says, “Why should we make a special exception for this child? We’ll serve whatever we want to serve!” And the boy ends up ingesting some milk and almost dies.

And here is the comparable case: Hashem blesses families with children. He is the third partner in the creation of the child. The child is His, too. The families put the kids in school. Hashem warns, “Just feed them pure Torah.” But some schools teach what they want. For some kids, the effect is like a slow poison; for others it’s more immediate.

The answer to the question of what to do is clear: put the children in a pure Torah environment to detox.