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Is Daniel Greer guilty? Is he innocent? We will explore those questions here. The Nomad personally treats Daniel Greer as guilty. The Nomad finds the evidence for guilt compelling. Nevertheless, the Nomad is following the Psak of the Bais Din Tzedek of Lakewood.

THE NOMAD 240-850-5386

Daniel Greer is in prison. The prison he is in is Cheshire Correctional Institution in Cheshire, Connecticut.

I have received a Psak from the Av Bais Din of a prominent Bais Din that there is a Mitzvah to free Daniel Greer. Please donate to this cause. Details to follow soon how to do that.

Regardless of whether Daniel Greer is guilty or innocent, a secondary mission of Redeem the Captive is to free Jewish students from schools that resemble prisons in some aspects. There seems to be agreement among many who had firsthand knowledge, as well as evidence, that the schools Daniel Greer ran went beyond the limits of what even strict discipline of students would require.

The money raised, after expenses are deducted, will go to a non-profit that helps “victim[s] of government prosecution and / or persecution, [who] have been commanded to surrender to a correctional institution, and are in need of advice, counseling, contacts, and information.”

I’d like to be able to say we need “X” amount of dollars and that if we raise it that we can free the prisoner. I can’t say that, though. Here is the question I sent to the Bais Din:

I have a question what to do with the money I raise.

-Spending on lawyers is pointless. Rabbi Greer has probably run up bills in the hundreds of thousands or more and it’s gotten him a 20 years sentence and a 20 million dollar judgement. If he is indeed innocent, the civil and criminal justice systems are so corrupt no lawyer is likely going to help things.

-Bribing judges and politicians is illegal.

-So is busting someone out of prison.

So, how exactly do we fulfill the Mitzvah of פדיון שבויים?

Here is the answer I received from the Bais Din:

Anything that could be done to have him released needs to be done.

THE NOMAD 240-850-5386

THE NOMAD 240-850-5386