Producers section

Producers are people interested in selling produce from their garden, excess produce from their CSA share, or food they make themselves. People who make crafts such as soaps, clothing, and task flasks, can also set up a tent.

Here are the responsibilities for the tents:

Tents that sell food are required to document their products according to the guidelines in the Kashrus section.

Tents that sell food that was produced under the Montgomery Count cottage industry rules must label the food as the regulations stipulate. Questions regarding that should be directed to Kenny Welch.

Furthermore, a tent selling food needs to have a farmers market license and a vendor license.

FLIP Insurance
All tents selling food need FLIP farmers market insurance. Tents are also encouraged to form an LLC to limit their exposure to lawsuits.

Event insurance
All tents need to pay towards a common fund that goes to purchase event insurance.

Online presence
Each tent should have a website or at least a webpage that is regularly updated. This website can then link to those websites and pages and extract information from them to include here.