What is a mobile pizza oven?

A mobile pizza oven is an authentic wood burning oven (WBO) on a trailer. It can be towed to the Farmers market.

At this time we are using a propane fueled portable pizza oven.

WBOs produce superior pizza. They cook the pizza quickly because they have high, even temperatures throughout the oven and maintain their heat for extended periods. They add a haunting smoky flavor to the pizza. All this can be simulated by the propane oven.

Why is the local-part of the farmersmarket.pizza email address “pizzaorlow”?

We note that “pizzaiolo” (PIZ-za-YO-lo) means pizza maker. My name is Orlow. So I selected “pizzaorlow” as the term for a pizza maker at farmersmarket.pizza. When said quickly, “pizzaorlow” sounds close to “pizzaiolo”. The idea is to be original while not straying too far from what is familiar. Which is what farmers market pizza is all about: innovation of tradition.