When does the market officially begin?

Where will the market be?

What is a slow product?

Is the food Kosher?

Can I order online?

Does the market deliver?

What payment is accepted?

When does the market officially begin?
The goal is to open this summer.

Visit this post for why the market is not open yet.

Where will the market be?

The market is at 11200 Bybee Street, Silver Spring MD.

As it grows, one possibility is to close down part of a street like they do for the Takoma Park Farmers Market, the Crossroads Farmers Market, and the Fresh Farm Market in downtown Silver Spring.

What is a slow product?

A slow food, clothing, etc. product can be one that is produced locally by people who are fairly treated and compensated, and in a way that is environmentally sustainable. A slow product is a quality product: clothes meant to last, food that is nutritionally dense. Not least, the seller of a slow product should be able to address questions about their product such as what it’s made from, where did it come from, how was it made, who made it, when was it made, why was it made, how did it get transported to the market, etc.

Is the food Kosher?
Food at the market is made under self-supe guidelines.

Can I order online?

Does the market deliver?
The market does not deliver. However there are independent delivery companies we hope to partner with. These delivery services are independent of farmersmarket.pizza LLC.

Here’s how it may work.

(1) Say that I go online and order and pay for a pizza from Pizzaction.

(2) Then I contact the delivery service and contract with them to pick up the pizza and delivery it to me. I may pay them at that time, or when they do the delivery.

(3) The delivery service then delivers my order.

Some notes:
The delivery service may use an app such as Road Warrior for delivery route optimization. The delivery service may incorporate courier companies like Lyft and Uber.

Another idea is to attach a trailer to an electric bike for deliveries nearby the market.

What types of payment are accepted?
All the following are accepted:
– cash
– check
– credit card
– debit card
– Paypal
– Zelle

You can send money via PayPal and via Zelle using the Softwine Market email address or phone number.


Coming soon: cryptocurrency payments