Alepha, pronounced AH-lef-ae, is a one-to-one correspondence between the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet and twenty-two of the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet.

Using this system, every Hebrew word has one and only one transformation into a word with English letters

For example, the word אדם in Hebrew, meaning man, becomes “adm” when using the Alepha method.

Why use Alepha if many devices allow for mixing of multiple language fonts?

The answer is one of preference. I find I like it more when I don’t have to keep switching fonts when inputting Hebrew, and that it’s easier to read mixed Hebrew and English without having to switch reading directions.

Why use Alepha if you can just transliterate words into English?

The answer is the same. It’s just convenient not having to think whether שבת is Shabbos, Shabbat, Sabbath, etc.

Herewith then is the complete Alepha:

Hebrew -> Alepha
א a
ב b
ג j
ד d
ה h
ו v
ז z
ח g
ט t
י y
כ k
ך k
ל l
מ m
ם m
נ n
ן n
ס o
ע i
פ p
ף p
צ x
ץ x
ק q
ר r
ש s
ת c

Alepha -> Hebrew
a א
b ב
c ת
d ד
g ח
h ה
i ע
j ג
k כ ך
l ל
m מ ם
n נ ן
o ס
p פ ף
q ק
r ר
s ש
t ט
v ו
x צ ץ
y י
z ז