F A R M E R S   M A R K E T   . P I Z Z A   L L C
B .    S t r e e t    F a r m e r s    M a r k e t

The checking tables will be for activities such as checking Mezuzos, tying Tzitzis, and checking vegetables for bugs.

STAM table
Tzitzis table
Bug checking table

Farmers Market .pizza will have tables with info about making Tzitzis, Tefillin, and Mezuzas. We will have a table where experts check vegetables for bugs, and the bug checker may use a camera and send pictures to a Rabbi at a remote location. We will have a Shochet who can slaughter a chicken. There will be a table with a certified Shatnez checker.

My friend Michael lived in post-WWII Satmar till he was about Bar Mitzvah age. He related how his mother would give him a chicken to take to the Shochet.

First, he had to carry the chicken to the market. Then, the chicken would get slaughtered. But that was only the beginning. For example, the feathers had to be removed. He would pay a gypsy girl to do that. By the time he got back home with the chicken it could be hours later.

Once in a while his mother found something suspicious with the chicken while preparing it. This was a rare occurrence, and might happen every few months or so. She would wrap the chicken in a newspaper, and Michael would carry the chicken back past the market to the Rabbi’s house to be checked.

Making Matza was a community affair, he tells me. His extended family, neighbors, the town scholars, all turned out to bake the Matzos.