Bora Centipede


1. Accessories

Here are some unusual accessories

These hooks fit in the P-Tops. They are for holding heavy items.

These can be found on eBay.
Bora CA0606 High Friction Soft Surface Centipede Non-Slips Cap Set, 6pk

2. Hack: How to turn 30″ high table into 36″ high table

Bora sells Centipedes that are 30″ high when opened and Centipedes that are 36″ high when opened. This hack is for the 30″ Centipedes.

Bora sells 6″ risers that can be attached to the legs of the 30″ tables. “These risers make it easy to raise your Centipede® workstand to a comfortable 36 inches without compromising the unit load rating.” That quote is from the company website and also quoted on an Amazon listing page.

However, the reviews of the risers on Amazon indicate there are design and implementation issues.

The following is a description of a way to elevate a 30″ Bora Centipede without using risers.

Take a 30″ high standard Bora Centipede. For example a 2 x 4 Bora Centipede stands 30″ high when fully opened. Open the 2 x 4 Centipede partways and then the centipede stands higher than 30″. Add a top on. That makes a 36″ or so high table.

Tying the legs with ropes can ensure the Bora Centipede doesn’t open completely which would lower the top down to its normal 30″ height.

But if I needed a 36″ table that can bear the rated load I’d need to get the 36″ table or get risers for the tables I have.

Another way to end up with a tabletop higher than 30″ is by using bricks.

Set up the 30″ Centipede with say a cardboard top. Make a line of bricks on each of the long sides. Add another cardboard top.

3. Instant Podium

Here’s an idea for a podium.

Take a Centipede. Top it. Put a tablecloth on it that covers the top and overhangs on one of the long sides. Add a box. Cover that with a cloth. Instant podium.

4. Where to Buy Stuff
Where to buy your Bora Centipede and accessories

All Bora Centipedes come with some X-Cup brackets for 2 x 4 wooden beams. You may want to purchase more X-Cups. Home Depot sells X-Cups with free shipping. It’s curious, but Amazon as of this writing doesn’t sell X-Cups.

5. Tabletop options

The main use I have for Bora Centipedes is to use them as portable tables.

The Centipede itself is mainly the legs of the table. A tabletop has to be added to the Centipede in order to have a complete table.

Let’s use the 2 x 4 Centipede for a concrete example.

There are two ways to add a top.

One way is simply to add the top and let it sit on the P-Tops.

Another way is to put some X-Cups in the P-Tops. Then run some 2 x 4s through the X-cups. Next rest the the top on the 2 x 4 horizontal beams. For the smaller 2′ x 4′ Boras I can use an 8 foot 2 x 4 cut in half as support.

If I am planning on sitting at the table, it is desirable to have some overhang beyond the P-Cups. This allows for leg room. Were the top to stop at the P-Cups, there would be no leg room because of the struts in the vertical plane on the Centipede.

A 4′ x 8′ top for a 2 x 4 Centipede gives one foot of overhang on the 2′ sides, and two feet of overhang on the 4′ sides. Thus a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood works well.

Another option is topping the Centipede with large thick cardboard sheets. I buy the cardboard sheets on Amazon. The advantage of cardboard is that it is lighter than wood. Setting up and taking down a table can be done in a few moments when using cardboard.

Another good tabletop is a pallet. Pallets can be gotten for free.

I hope to add pictures of these different options at some point.

6. Storage

A Bora Centipede with a top such as plywood can be used for storage. Boxes you want to keep off the floor can be put on top.

You can even make shelves. You could take some boxes and put them on each end of the table and then lay a thick cardboard sheet piece to make a second shelf.

The struts underneath a Centipede table impede storage. However, before the tabletop is put on, items that are in long term storage can be stored in the two square feet area defined by the legs and struts.

Another idea is to put empty boxes on the floor before opening the Centipede. The boxes can be filled later with small items.

Items like duffel bags can be slid under the table and stacked there even after the Centipede is set up.

Here is another idea: add hooks to a plywood top and hang things underneath. Or put shelving in before opening Centipede, like cardboard tops over brick spacers.

7. Portable Kitchen

Take a piece of plywood. Make a hole for dropping in a Utilatub sink. Put plywood on Centipede. Drop in sink. Tile 304 stainless steel plates on the plywood to create a stainless steel counter. Use an Ultra Beverage as the faucet. Keep a pump sprayer nearby.

Ultra Beverage


8. Clothes Drying Rack

Open up the Centipede. Using X-Cups run parallel 2 x 4 beams along it. Optional: Lay some smaller sticks or beams perpendicular to the 2x4s. Lay wet clothes on the crossbeams.

The 4 x 4 Bora Centipede with 3 parallel 2 x 4s makes a drying rack for the brown alpaca/sheep blanket with yellow stripes. The blanket is about 8 1/2 x 7 1/2 feet. A 2 x 4 beam is about 8 ft. long and the 8 1/2 ft. long wet blanket with stripes aligned to the 2 x 4s sits neatly on the boards lengthwise; the 7 1/2 width hangs over the outside boards without hitting the ground.