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Introduction to homefree living

123HOMEFREE is a project of Aaron Fletcher who is referred to on this website by the title “the Shepherd.”

The Shepherd encourages others to emulate his life of foraging and guerilla grazing.

The relationship between 12UNIVERSI3 and 123HOMEFREE

12UNIVERSI3 (sometimes abbreviated 12u3) is a school. The Shepherd documents his life and publicizes it through the 123HOMEFREE Youtube channel, website and blog, and Facebook posts. This original content is used as lesson source material for 12u3 classes along with content from articles and videos about the Shepherd.

12u3 is located in a Washington DC suburb and is primarily for those who live in this region. Others outside the DC area are encouraged to enroll and audit the courses that are available online and are taught remotely.

12u3 offers courses homefreers can sign up to take. Students work towards a certificate in homefree living. Some courses are online, some are taught remotely, and some take place in the field, that is, at various spaces in the DC area.

About the 12u3 chancellor

My name is Joe Orlow. I am the chancellor of 12u3. My primary qualification for designing the 12u3 curriculum and running the school is that I kept a herd of dairy goats at a house in suburbia for a decade.

A teaching technique I like to use is to try and to get the student to go back to the basics, and then build up from there, one step at a time. If someone has difficulty reading, I encourage them to review the alphabet. If someone finds algebra challenging, I ask them to practice arithmetic.

This technique is applicable beyond academic subjects.

At rough spots in my life I’ve gone back to basics and then started moving forward again one step at a time. I wanted to share with others what I’ve learned from these experiences. Many politely listened to me; however, no one followed.

Then, I found one of the Shepherd’s videos and realized that the Shepherd has succeeded where I failed. I decided to learn from him and try following his way.

123HOMEFREE, true to its name, is about living an uncomplicated life built up from first principles. A homefreer is focused on their next meal prepared from raw ingredients they’ve gathered, having enough clothing to cover themselves, and minimal shelter.

Homefree living is about more than just individuals seeking to perfect themselves. Homefreers remain part of the communities they live in.

America is going through the dissolution of society. Collectively figuring out how to create a new one involves the coordination of homefreers voluntarily dialing their lives back to basic living so as to position themselves to decide the best direction fr moving forward.

The format of 12u3

Let’s say that someone decides they want to live like the Shepherd does, but they have no experience with foraging nor with animal husbandry.

So they sign up for 12u3 classes. Their first courses will take place online and include “labs”. The labs are assignments the students can complete while at wherever they are currently living. The labs involve experimenting with nomadic homefree skills in an artificial setting.

After a student completes the basic courses they move on to an actual location, the “dormitory”, where they live with other students and continue to gain new homefree skills and practice the skills they’ve already acquired.

There currently is no actual dormitory location, but the plan is that it will be in Takoma Park, Maryland. The picture below of a house on Takoma Avenue is for illustration purposes.

Takoma Park is a locale that is open to ideas like homefree living. The house in the picture is about a mile from the Koiner Farm and from the Takoma Park Co-op, and close to public transportation allowing access to other local spots like Fern Glade, B. Street Farmers Market, Chicken of the Woods, and more: all actual places where homefreers may receive experience and training.

Students living at the dormitory split their time between online classes and field work.

Online classes include studying videos of the Shepherd and related material on living homefree.

Field work involves each homefreer finding neighbors who will allow picking produce from their trees and foraging on their property in exchange for the homefreer doing yard and gardening work. I call this aspect of 12u3 pseudo-farmhanding/foraging.

After a student has completed their dormitory coursework, they move on to suburban farming at B. Street Farmers Market. This is where the student learns how to handle animals and guerrilla graze with them.

Finally, the student is ready to graduate and join the Alliance. The graduate will move to the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve where they can live homefree and get farmhand work.

Contact info

Joe Orlow, Chancellor

Email: 12u3@farmersmarket.pizza
Tel.: 240-850-5386
Telegram: @bstreetfarmersmarket

Index of 12u3 Courses

There are four levels of courses at 12u3. Level I courses begin with a “1”, Level II with a “2”, etc. Courses that end with with a “0” are non-credit orientation courses for their level, such as “100” for Level I.

Below is a list of links. Each link will take you to a post that explores a different aspect of homefree living.

100: Now you tell me! Things we wished we knew before we started (or maybe better we didn’t know.)