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Dear Kemp Mill,

B. Street Farmers Market sells flatbread.

We’re having a trial run market day this week on Thurs. Aug. 20.

You can walk up or drive up to the market and approach the table that will be set up there on the berm (the area between the street and sidewalk.)

The plan is that the market manager and cashier will be socially distant from the table. You can give the manager your order. Please move back at that point.

Your flatbreads are baked fresh and will be ready in a few minutes.

When your order is ready, it will be placed on the table, at which point you can again approach the table to pick it up and pay.

The payment can be placed in the payment box. Please tell the cashier if you’ll need change and he’ll place it on the table along with your order. You can also pay online with Zelle or Paypal.

Not a complicated process, but somewhat awkward. This is why we want to test it out before advertising the market more widely and offering more products.

We look forward to serving the community fresh, pure, natural products. We strive to source organic and local ingredients when available.

B. Street Farmers Market
11200 Bybee Street
Thurs. Aug. 20
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Two flatbreads: $3

Joe Orlow
farmersmarket.pizza LLC
DBA B. Street Farmers Market

Email: LLC@farmersmarket.pizza
Website: http://farmersmarket.pizza

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