The Salad Pizza

F A R M E R S M A R K E T . P I Z Z A L L C
B . S t r e e t F a r m e r s M a r k e t

I wanted to sell organic pizza here in Kemp Mill. The project had to be profitable, but that was not all. I wanted it to evoke the kind of off-beat atmosphere found in my hometown of Takoma Park.

The way to do that, I decided, was to sell at a farmers market. Since there is none in Kemp Mill, I had to start one. The pizzeria would be the core business, the anchor tent of the market. (This reason complements the legal reasoning laid out in FAQ that led to my starting a farmers market.)

I needed a benchmark, some way of measuring when I had found a niche in the local pizza scene. I would know when I had jumpstarted the farmers market when salad pizza would be on the menu.

The Salad Pizza recipe:

The dough and sauce are like a regular marinara pizza (cheeseless pizza). The sauce should be laid on thick.

Allow the pizza to cool completely.

Slice iceberg lettuce, tomato, green pepper, onion. The vegetables are not cooked. Cover the pie with veggies until you can’t see the crust, but not too thickly.

Make an italian dressing: oil, vinegar, salt, black pepper, oregano (required), garlic powder (recommended), basil (optional).

Caution: dont make it too tangy with the vinegar or pepper.

Sprinkle the dressing over the pizza to taste.