Policy self-supe

The market is built on the principle of secession in place. It is not our job to reform a degenerate and perverse society in a state of moral erosion and decay. Rather, we simply make our place as honorable as we can. We pull back without giving an inch.

IN other words, we self cancel, deplatform, and dox. We”ll quit a job rather than compromise our principles, and embrace a boycott of our business if it means not having to serve those who want to destroy us.

The downward carnival ride spiral of a clown world, whether the engine of that spiral be entertainment, the media, academia, business and finance, and/or legal and political means, is something we are distant from and bemused by.

Maybe we have a wrong approach. Could be. But I won’t let ignorance justify my finding refuge in passivity, because while sitting and doing nothing is sometimes the best policy, I can’t believe just freezing up will do much good as evil engulfs us.