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This post has been edited to reflect changes to the market location policy

Farmers Market Update

Dear Friends,

The Kemp Mill Farmers Market is now active. The formal opening is still weeks away. At this point, though, some products are being sold.

The official name of the market is LLC; that is, the market website address plus the term “LLC”.

You can visit the website at

The main page has several graphics including an arch, a table, an oven, and the current phase of the moon. Clicking on each picture takes you to various pages of the website.

The arch goes to a page listing today’s market activities.

The table goes to a page listing tables at the market. Each listing is a link to a page about that table.

The oven goes to a page listing food sold at the market.

The moon picture goes to the calendar page.

The website has a rough unfinished feel to it because there is still little happening there. It is ready, however, to promote in this email to those who signed up to receive market updates. I am grateful to each of you for the encouragement that provided.

The market co-op is already providing flour to co-op members. The co-op lowers costs to members on select food items by buying food in bulk and passing on the savings.

The market has a pizza oven that can obtain temperatures over 900 degrees F to produce true Neopolitan style pizza. The market will be selling pizza made with whole grain Yashon flour grown and milled here in Maryland. We are especially pleased we were able to source a pizza box that is compostable in line with the goal of making the market as sustainable and regenerative as possible.

Items consistent with the market’s mission, like pure Castile soap and soapnut laundry detergent, are also for sale.

The market will be at 11200 Bybee Street, on the corner of Kenbrook Drive and Bybee Street. Orders placed online or by phone can be picked up from a table on the berm between the sidewalk and the street.

Joe Orlow LLC
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