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F A R M E R S M A R K E T . P I Z Z A L L C
B . S t r e e t F a r m e r s M a r k e t


The market seeks to to provide high quality Kosher food to local residents and a high quality environment devoid of

– Giluy Arayos, including the mixing of unmarried young men and women in educational and social settings, as well as the mixing of married men and women that leads to excessive Sicha between men and women

-Street drug use, regardless of whether the drugs are legal or decriminalized; excessive alcoholic consumption

-Cover-ups of molestation by teachers and others responsible for the education and care of children

-The [1] goal to be accepted, especially the self-conscious shoehorning of [1] members into the fabric of daily community life.

-Marxism, as manifested by groups like [2] and [3].

To be sure, the market will not discriminate against any [1]. That would violate the precept of Dina D’Malchusa Dina. At the same time we will not exempt [1] from the rules against any dress, behavior or speech designed to lead to immorality, which will thus effectively exclude [1], in addition to promiscuous non-[1] members of the community.

The placeholder terms [1], [2], [3] are substituted for the actual terms because the actual terms cannot be mentioned in a negative context without risking being deplatformed, which is why I have redacted the actual terms. I don’t want any of this getting back to the online companies that provide me with internet services. On the other hand, transparency is the lynchpin of the market, so I’m not going to hide anything, either.

Those who aspeak up forcefully in order to slow the moral erosion of this country sometimes pay a high price. They are “canceled”: deplatformed, doxxed, fired from their job, their business boycotted, and/or deserted by friends and family.

The encroachment of degeneracy is an attack on families and the way they raise their children.

My goal is create a separate space where we can shut the door to the downward death spiral of society, whether the engine of that spiral be entertainment, the media, academia, business and finance, and/or legal and political means. I am emboldened with the knowledge I am aligned with others who are similiarly startled and alarmed at the pace at which civility is disappearing from public discourse and replaced with conflict.

I have no way of knowing with absolute certainty if what I’m doing is right according to the Torah. I won’t let ignorance justify my finding refuge in mere passivity, because while sitting and doing nothing is sometimes the best policy, I can’t believe just freezing up will do much good as evil engulfs me.

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F A R M E R S   M A R K E T   . P I Z Z A   L L C
B .    S t r e e t    F a r m e r s    M a r k e t

This post has been edited to reflect changes to the market location policy

Farmers Market Update

Dear Friends,

The Kemp Mill Farmers Market is now active. The formal opening is still weeks away. At this point, though, some products are being sold.

The official name of the market is farmersmarket.pizza LLC; that is, the market website address plus the term “LLC”.

You can visit the website at

The main page has several graphics including an arch, a table, an oven, and the current phase of the moon. Clicking on each picture takes you to various pages of the website.

The arch goes to a page listing today’s market activities.

The table goes to a page listing tables at the market. Each listing is a link to a page about that table.

The oven goes to a page listing food sold at the market.

The moon picture goes to the calendar page.

The website has a rough unfinished feel to it because there is still little happening there. It is ready, however, to promote in this email to those who signed up to receive market updates. I am grateful to each of you for the encouragement that provided.

The market co-op is already providing flour to co-op members. The co-op lowers costs to members on select food items by buying food in bulk and passing on the savings.

The market has a pizza oven that can obtain temperatures over 900 degrees F to produce true Neopolitan style pizza. The market will be selling pizza made with whole grain Yashon flour grown and milled here in Maryland. We are especially pleased we were able to source a pizza box that is compostable in line with the goal of making the market as sustainable and regenerative as possible.

Items consistent with the market’s mission, like pure Castile soap and soapnut laundry detergent, are also for sale.

The market will be at 11200 Bybee Street, on the corner of Kenbrook Drive and Bybee Street. Orders placed online or by phone can be picked up from a table on the berm between the sidewalk and the street.

Joe Orlow
farmersmarket.pizza LLC
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Pizza box self-supe


There is actually a book on the subject of pizza boxes. According to Scott Wiener, the pizza box is an integral part of the pizza buying experience.

It seems to me a farmersmarket.pizza LLC pizza box should meet four conditions:
(1) The box has to protect the pizza during transport.
(2) The box has to vent off steam from the cooling pizza to avoid sogginess.
(3) The box has to “release” the pizza — no sticking
(4) The box should align with the goals of the market to serve natural, fresh, pure, organic and local food.

In regard to condition (4), questions have been raised in regard to the chemicals in the cardboard of pizza boxes, the coating on the cardboard, and whether these chemicals migrate into the food.

A few years ago box manufacturers began moving away from using certain chemicals out of an abundance of caution — or of strong evidence. Eventually the FDA outlawed those chemicals.

Which leaves us to wonder how much safer the alternative coatings used now are.

World Centric makes a pizza box that checks off most of the four conditions listed above, although not all: it is not local. They call their box a PizzaRound. I’m going to call the box a canteen, because a PizzaRound resembles a classic canteen bottle design.

The canteen material does not contain additives to the base material, such as coatings to ensure the box doesn’t get soggy and in turn inpart the taste of cardboard into the pizza. That cardboard taste may mean chemicals from the recycled box material are being introduced into the pizza.

The canteens are made from plant based materials and are similar to boxes used by Pizza Hut. Interestingly, canteens from long ago were also made from plant material, such as gourds.

Neat feature: canteens are oven safe up to 450 degrees F. That means the buyer can reheat pizza in their oven using the box.

The boxes are available through Amazon or direct from World Centric.

Here’s a link to a video demonstration of canteen features.