5% discount

The market gives a 5% discount with cash transactions.

The discount is in line with our goal to live slower.

Admittedly, some businesses are trying to avoid paying taxes when they say they prefer cash. Not here. Our finances are transparent.

Other businesses may prefer cash because they avoid the fees associated with some credit card, debit card, and PayPal transactions.

As noted, though, we offer the cash incentive because we feel it is slower.

Source of Graphic: http://www.moneyfactory.gov/about.html

Accounting self-supe

Self-supe at farmersmarket.pizza LLC even extends to customers being able to check the books. That’s right. For those customers who know that a blessing made over stolen food is not really a blessing at all, they can investigate our accounts to make sure the bookkeeping is up to snuff. We are not saying that a customer is to consider their food as stolen if the store where they got the food cooks its books as well as its food. Still, it is an act of piety I think to distance oneself as far as possible from questionable businesses.